Virtual meetings have become a big part of our lives. Comparing to in-person meetings, virtual communication lacks gestures such as handshake and eye contact that we are used to. The question is, how can you let your colleagues feel your presence and make your meeting more engaging?

  1. Set a neutral background

The main focus should be you. It is better when there is nothing that can take the attention away from you. So hide away the foosball table and choose your plain wall as a background.

2. Set the camera at eye level

Looking good is all about the angles. When you set the camera at eye level, it gives the other participants a feeling of proactive eye contact. Plus, since your eyes are the closest to the camera, emotional delivery is higher.

3. Body language

Key elements are keeping a distance of half-meter from the camera and having an open body posture. It helps you look confident and welcoming. Avoid excessive movement since it seems more dramatic on camera.

4. Utilize natural lights or place the light toward your face

Natural light gives you a softer and brighter look. However, make sure the light through the window works for you, not against you. The direct sunlight can be unflattering, so indirect filter sunlight might be safer.

5. Try out what makes you look better

When it comes to an online meeting, testing is the best way to get the visual that you want to. Turn on the camera and try out what works best for you. You can try out any outfit, make-up and literally anything.

At last, just try to relax and have a wonderful virtual meeting.

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